Revenge Stories That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Actions

Most of us try to rationalize with ourselves that revenge isn’t worth it. Rising above the issue, whatever it may be, and being the bigger person supposedly makes you the better person. But, sometimes in life, you just can’t help it. There are some awful people around that just need to be taught a lesson! Here we have a list of epic revenge stories that will make you think twice about your actions! You never know how someone will repay your negative behaviors! 

Revenge Stories That Will Make You Think Twice About Your Actions

If only every person who dumped their trash illegally had this happen to them. 

A savage way of getting back at your cheating ex… 

We bet the guy inside was raging! Brilliant! 

Wow. That girl’s going to need a lot of water to soothe that burn. 

Revenge Stories nerd


How insensitive and narrow minded can people be?!

Revenge for the braids?

This all came together so perfectly. 

Whilst we like this lady’s style, she should spend the money having fun instead!

These buses taught this terrible driver a lesson…

Think twice before you cheat! Thank goodness for honest people like this. 

Could this be the best review ever written?

There’s something that sparks a huge rage in us when it comes to rude, inconsiderate and self entitled people!

One of the dogs in this photo was kicked by a horrible person. The dog and its crew returned to trash the offender’s car. 

What an awful betrayal. This person is so much better off now! 

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