People Are Taping Skeletons To Their Car Antennas As Part Of A Halloween Trend

We’ve seen popular challenges and viral trends that are born on TikTok. From the latest dance moves and makeup tutorials to life hacks and cooking tips, you can find all types of trends on this video-sharing app. If you’re looking for a trendy Halloween décor tip, you may want to start looking for plastic skeletons now to join the hottest craze this spooky season.

TikTok user @lyndsayjade shared a short video showing a simple yet clever way to spread happiness this Halloween. All you have to do is buy a mini plastic skeleton that you can easily find in major retailers. The TikTok user found one at Target so that might give you an idea where to look for it. Then tape the skeleton to your car antenna leaving its limbs hanging. Secure the lightweight figure to the antenna rod by using tape or zip tie around its spinal cord. This should hold the bony figure while the car is on the move.


Flying Skeletons Are The Newest Halloween Craze And They Look Funny

tiktok halloween trend funny

The real fun begins when the car is running. Watch in hysterics as the skeleton appears to be flying with its arms and legs flapping backwards. Just look at this bony guy looking carefree and happy. That is sure to make everyone on the road smile. Spooky skeletons just got a new place to hang out and they look hilariously great hanging in there.

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tiktok halloween trend skeletons car antenna


tiktok trend skeletons car antenna


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@lyndsayjadeHappy anniversary to the video that started it all! If this blows up again, I’ll show ya how he looks now? ##fyp ##spookyseason? phantom of the wapera – shannon huhn

You can find toy skeletons on Amazon.

Source: TikTok