Starbucks Has Announced An Exciting New Lineup For The Holidays Including The Studded Iridescent And Neon Pink Tumblers

It seems like not everyone is over the millennial pink hype just yet. And this includes leading coffee chain Starbucks. Starbucks’ new collection of holiday tumblers consists mostly of pinks, whites, and golds. They’re nothing but pure eye candy, and we’re totally in love! If the Matte Black Spiked Cup is just too dark for your happy soul, then the new Starbucks’ Iridescent and Neon Pink Tumblers might just be what you need.

First in the collection is the Iridescent Cold Cup in Bling Platinum which is making a comeback for its second season. Plus, this 24-ounce cold cup now also comes in a bright Neon Pink color that’s certainly eye-catching and head-turning. Both colors feature a textured, studded surface with a debossed signature Starbucks logo. These cups will surely add a pop of color to any of your winter outfits.

Iridescent Cold Cup in Bling Platinum and Neon Pink

Starbucks Iridescent Cold Cups in Bling Platinum and Neon Pink

Starbucks is also bringing us the Mirror Glitter Gold Cold Cup which sports a gold mirrored finish. This cup also comes with a splash of white glitter accent which gives it a frosted look. If you prefer a festive yet classic tumbler design, then this one’s for you. While it spells Winter Wonderland all over it, it’s still perfect for everyday use with its sleek and chic vibe.

Mirror Glitter Gold Cold Cup

Starbucks Mirror Glitter Gold Cold Cup

For those who prefer hot drinks, there’s also the 12-ounce Green Confetti Tumbler for you. This tumbler has confetti print all over in classic green and red holiday colors. It’s also adorned with glistening foil accents to top off its festive look. There’s no doubt that this hot cup is filled with holiday cheer. However, we wish that it came with more color options and designs.

Green Confetti Tumbler

Starbucks Green Confetti Tumbler

The collection also includes two more 24-ounce cold cups in pink. The Pink Cold Cup comes in a double-walled body. This way, it can keep beverages cold for a longer time. It also sports a beveled look, thanks to its external mirror foil lining. Meanwhile, the Glitter Gradient Pink Cold Cup is tagged by Starbucks as “a must for the pink-obsessed.” Well, we couldn’t agree more. This cup features a glitter pink gradient with a dash of sparkle. Overall, this gives the cup a nice and soft metallic-ish finish.

Pink Cold Cup

Starbucks Pink Cold Cup


Glitter Gradient Pink Cold Cup

Starbucks Glitter Gradient Pink Cold Cup

Last but definitely not the least is the 20-ounce Gold Water Bottle that instantly gives you a Midas touch. If “water is life” for you, then there’s no other container worthy to hold your life’s precious drink than this gold cup.

Gold Water Bottle

Starbucks Gold Water Bottle

In addition to these fancy and festive tumblers, the iconic Starbucks Christmas Blend and Starbucks Cards are also up for grabs. Nothing retails for over $25 in this collection. So, if you’re looking for luxe holiday gifts without breaking the bank, then look no further to your local Starbucks. However, all these items are yet to be available at participating Starbucks stores in Canada and the US.

Starbucks Christmas Blend

Starbucks Christmas Blend


Starbucks Cards

Starbucks Card

Source: Starbucks