15 Genius Life Hacks That You Never Thought Of Before

Here at Awesome Inventions, we love a good hack. Anything that makes people’s lives easier and less stressful is a win for us. Of course, not everyone will benefit from every single tip and trick out there, but we like to provide you with plenty of choices and ideas. Below we have some genius life hacks that we hope you’ll find useful. Some are more amusing rather than genius, but there are some very clever ones included also!

Genius Life Hacks

How to keep your laptop cool…

If you can’t afford repairs, frame your disasters instead!

Corkscrew heels! Just what you need on a night out.

Shield your hand from nasty burns whilst cooking by replicating the idea below!

No eye mask? No problem.

If you’re in need of a wing mirror, apparently brushes with mirrors on the back work pretty well (short term)!

Need a diving board? Just grab your nearest available ladder!

Can’t find anything at all that resembles a cup? A bell pepper works, apparently!

A plunger makes for a perfect drinks holder at the beach!

And, a great way of holding on whilst on public transport. Never have to touch anyone else’s germs or battle for space again!

This person knows how to use their phone on the sly!

If it works, it isn’t crazy!

We need to see this in action.

We all want to relax on holiday. This guy knows how to take things to the next level!

The best way to eat a watermelon!