These Horror-Themed Metal Yard Stakes Will Cast Life-Size Shadows Of Your Favorite Villain On The Wall

Bring the scariest horror movie characters right into your lawn and make everyone’s nightmare come true. These Halloween metal yard stakes feature outlines of the most horrifying villains to ever grace the screen. There’s Pennywise from IT, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Ghostface from Scream. Simply stick the pointed stake into the ground and let the terrifying figures terrorize those who dare step into your lawn.

But the real shocker is revealed at night. Place these Halloween metal yard stakes preferably in front of a wall. Then place a mini spotlight or any sort of lighting in front of the figures. The figures will instantly cast life-size shadows of themselves against the wall. Watch as the creepy silhouettes of Pennywise, Freddy, or Ghostface magically emerge on the wall to give the neighborhood a night full of terror.


Halloween Metal Yard Stakes

halloween metal yard stakes

These Halloween metal yard stakes are made of 14 gauge mild steel and each character is sold separately. However, you can also opt to get a set of 3 if you want to save more money. And you should get all three of them because nothing beats this wicked trio when they’re together. Each piece approximately measures 16 inches tall. But pair it with lights and it will cast a full-scale shadow of your favorite horror movie villain.

horror characters metal lawn decors


halloween metal yard stakes life-size shadows

You can get these Halloween metal yards stakes in either raw metal or black powder coat finish. If you intend to use them in the open outdoors, we recommend you get the one with the black powder coating. This provides a protective barrier that helps prevent rust and corrosion caused by moisture and humidity. Although you can also choose to buy the raw metal and paint the steel yourself so you can customize the colors and protect the surface at the same time.

halloween metal yard stakes horror characters


horror characters shadows

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