Monilaria Obconica Grow To Look Like Cute Little Rabbit Ears

We love succulents. We’ve all probably got several of them chilling somewhere in our spaces. Recently, succulents shot to fame as an ideal indoor plant because these plants can withstand the bustling busy-bee’s plant-care shortcomings. The plants that belong in this species come in all shapes and sizes. But one succulent in particular takes the crown for cuteness – the Monilaria Obconica.

Some time ago, someone posted a picture of the bunny-shaped plant on Twitter and effortlessly won the hearts of the Japanese Twitter community. As of writing, @celely1128’s tweet had already amassed over 29,276 Retweets and 39,385 Likes. Someone even contributed some super kawaii fan art in the thread!

The sprouts of the Monilaria Obconica are so cute that we’ve basically got heart-eyes.




bunny-like monilaria obconica


This succulent doesn’t actually look like a typical succulent plant. It looks more like an adorable bunny rabbit the moment it sprouts out of the ground. Because as this succulent plant emerges from out of the ground, its bulbous green beads splinter into separate leaves that remarkably resemble the kind of long ears that Bugs Bunny would have. Monilaria Obconica are at its peak cuteness when it’s young.

Because when starts to mature, the ‘bunny ears’ start to disappear as the stems stretch longer. Lam Ngoc further goes on to introduce the bunny-like succulent:

“The green of trees can also turn a light red if they are placed under sunlight. Rabbit ear cells are only about 0.5mm in diameter but are ideal for water storage. Two leaves when growing will grow in parallel with each other should also be associated as loving couples are wrapped tangerine happiness.”



cluster of monilaria obconica



young manilaria obconica with growing bunny ears

Cactus Art



new monilaria obconica sprouts from old

Seeds Cactus


The Monilaria Obconica loses its bunny ears when it matures. (But some really dainty flowers will bloom when it’s ready!)





Small monilaria obconica with long bunny ears

Cactus Art

You can try to grow your very own Bunny Succulents by purchasing the seeds here. It’s sure to make a wonderful addition to your growing succulent collection!

Source: Cactus Art Nursery | aFamily