Starbucks Reveals Its Reusable Color-Changing Cups

Cold beverages just got cooler. Starbucks releases a set of color-changing reusable cups that changes color when filled with iced cold drinks. Needless to say, these Starbucks cups are going to make our summer more colorful and exciting. These reusable color-changing cups are absolute must-haves for the summer. But you’ve got to hurry because they are quickly selling out.

starbucks color-changing reusable cups
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Not only are these cups color-changing but these could also change our lives. These eco-friendly cups are made from recyclable plastic. This means that you can reuse it multiple times. Simply bring it in for a refill in any Starbucks store. The barista will sterilize it with boiling water before filling it with your favorite drinks. Plus, you’ll get a $0.10 discount on your every refill of these eco-friendly reusable cups. The new set of color-changing reusable cups is the coffee chain’s response to encourage its fans to reuse plastic material. This can significantly reduce the amount of plastic wastes.

These color-changing reusable cups come in a pack of five with lids and straws included. Each cup can contain up to 24 oz of cold beverage. The cups come in 5 different colors – apricot, arctic, citron, rose, and sky. When you pour in cold liquid, the apricot transforms to tangerine, arctic (teal) changes to pink, citron (yellow) turns to green, rose (pink) changes to red, and sky (light blue) transforms to cobalt blue.

color-changing reusable cups starbucks
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starbucks color-changing cups
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Color-changing reusable cups change color when filled with iced cold drinks

reusable cups change color
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new starbucks color-changing reusable cups
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You can buy the pack of color-changing reusable cups on any Starbucks branch in US and Canada for $16.95. However, stocks are running out and people are now in frenzy for the search of the stores with available stocks. Or better yet, call the branch and ask if they have the cups just to make sure. You don’t want to waste your time (and gas) for going there for nothing. Hurry up and get yours now. Don’t be the last person to post photos of your color-changing cups on Instagram.