Aldi Is Releasing A Cheese Advent Calendar For All The Cheese Lovers Out There

How do you count the days until Christmas? Let us show you the cheesiest way to countdown with the Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar. We’ve recently featured different sorts of advent calendar to suit your specific preferences. There’s the wine bottle advent calendar for booze lovers, the LEGO Harry Potter advent calendar for Potterheads, and The Nightmare Before Christmas Sock advent calendar for Tim Burton fanatics. So, no love for cheese enthusiasts? Of course, there’s always something for everybody, even for cheese lovers like you. You can have all the delicious cheeses as you count down the days to Christmas with Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar.

aldi cheese advent calendar

The Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar may sound familiar to you.  This is because it was one of the hottest Christmas items last year. The one-of-a-kind advent calendar offers 24 doors to open in the run-up to the festive season. More importantly, the foldable box calendar is stuffed to the brim with different types of savory cheeses. So, you can indulge in different exquisite cheeses every day till December 25. The selection of cheese includes Gouda, cheddar, Edam, havarti, and red Leicester. Each piece comes in a snack-sized serving.


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The great news is, the supermarket company announced that Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar will be returning this year. Aldi recently launched its line of advent calendars for 2019 and among them is the Cheese Advent Calendar. Will it be similar to the 2018 version? No further information was given regarding the new product. We guess we’ll just have to wait until its release on November 6 to see what it has to offer. Be on the alert because Aldi said that it will be on limited quantities and might only be available on selected stores.


aldi cheese advent calendar 2019 new product


The Aldi Cheese Advent Calendar will retail at $14.99 and we’re quick to assume that it won’t last long on the shelves. Better mark your calendars for November 6 and run to your nearest Aldi stores to grab one. They will not be available online so you’ll have to check them out in stores near you.