This Solar Powered Smart Lounger Has A Built-In USB Charger, Speakers And Misters

Ever wished your trusty old lounge chair could do more? Then it’s time to upgrade with Hammacher Schlemmer’s solar-powered smart lounger! This modern lounger’s got almost everything you’ve ever wanted to have while laying out under the sun and more. You’ll never have to worry about your phone dying on you or getting a sunburn every again with this solar-powered lounge chair.

Laying on a lounge chair by the pool under the sun is the epitome of relaxation. The world and its complications do not exist beyond your immediate space. However, lounging under the heat of the sun can dry you out or, more painfully, give you a sunburn. Plus, it can also be such a drag when your phone suddenly dies and you have to leave your comfy position to charge it elsewhere, right? Well, you won’t have to deal with these hassles anymore with the SolaLounge!

adjusted back support
Hammacher Schlemmer


This solar-powered smart lounge chair comes with awesome features meant to keep you comfortable while relaxing under the sun

This solar-powered smart lounger comes with two solar panels installed on either side of the chair. These panels act as the SolaLounge’s power source, so its other features can function seamlessly for your convenience. There’s a 6-gallon tank underneath your chair. The water kept in this tank will be used by its misting feature, to keep your skin hydrated as you lounge. You can find the mist-activating button on the armrest of the lounge chair. The misters are fingertip-adjustable, so you can freely aim the mist in the direction you want.

When you feel like hiding from the sun to take a nap, you can use the SolaLounge’s awning accessory. It’s relatively easy to attach, adjust and detach! But if you find yourself unable to take the heat anymore, the you can easily move the SolaLounge to a shadier spot thanks to its attached wheels! Once you finally find a nice spot, have the comfiest ‘lazy day’ nap you’ll ever have as this ultimate lounge chair comes padded with 2.5-inch thick plush cushioning!

solar-powered smart lounger
Hammacher Schlemmer


It features adjustable misters to keep you cool and hydrated

solar-powered smart lounger mister
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control pad for back rest and mister
Hammacher Schlemmer


fingertip adjustable mister
Hammacher Schlemmer


You can charge your phone and play your chill tunes using the solar-powered  smart lounger

Remember the good old days when you had to lug so many things around when you wanted to chill by the pool? Well, that’s all in the past now! Since this smart lounger is powered by solar energy, Hammacher Schlemmer went all out in making this the ultimate luxury lounge chair by adding built-in Bose speakers and even a USB charging port! According to the description, the Bose speakers will sync with any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can hear your favorite music or listen to a podcast or audiobook.

bose soundsystem
Hammacher Schlemmer


solar-powered smart lounger usb charging port
Hammacher Schlemmer

But I think the most important feature here for the phone-obsessed is the USB charging port. Who wouldn’t love to wake up from their nap and find their electronic buddy fully charged too?  Unfortunately, with great features comes a great price tag. The SolaLounge will set you back $4000, which, I know, isn’t exactly affordable for many. However, there’s a big chance of hotels and health spas acquiring them. So you might want to keep an eye out if you want to try out this super luxurious lounge chair. But if you’ve got some extra money lying around, this luxury lounge chair will definitely make a great addition to any home! Check it out on Hammacher.


Watch this energy-efficient smart lounge chair in action