Grandmother Records The Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren Together

A friendship between a child and their pet is unlike any other. It’s easily one of the purest bonds ever! One fine example of this is the one shared between 3-year-old Mame and her giant poodle friends! Their bond is so precious that her grandmother, Tamanegi, couldn’t help but document their adorable bonding moments through photographs. And even though it wasn’t her intention, this Japanese grandmother single-handedly turned her granddaughter and her poodle friends so famous that they even got to star in a music video!

She joined Instagram in 2015. Her son had just married so her new daughter-in-law went to live with them. “I wanted to record life with our new family,” she said in an interview back in January 2018. Back then, she posted a lot of pictures of their poodle pets Qoo and Riku. A year later, her first grandchild, Mame was born, and the doting grandmother’s passion for photography intensified.


Grandmother takes photos of her grandchildren together with their giant poodle friends

So, she didn’t create the Instagram account with the intention of gaining fame. She simply wanted to capture the precious moments of her granddaughter’s youth spent with the family’s pets. The giant dogs may make the children look so small, but the cuteness of each photo is undeniable!

But, you won’t find of photo of the grandchildren without the poodles. On most pictures, they can be seen wearing matching outfits together. The huge fluffy pooches don’t seem to mind having to wear hats, scarves, sweaters and other clothing items. In fact, they seem more than content to keep their adorable human friends happy.


These three giant poodles are probably the most stylish pooches we’ve ever seen


Sometimes they do cosplay


The children and the poodles clearly adore one another


Growing up in the company of loving dogs is good for a child’s development

According to several studies, children who grow up around pets are able to develop better emotional intelligence than those who don’t. This means that by being the company of pets, children is beneficial in a number of ways. First, it teaches them be more empathetic and understanding towards others, whether they are humans or animals. Another important value that animals unconsciously teach children is about being responsible. Furthermore, dogs and cats provide a special emotional support, which is good for helping children deal with stress.  And judging by the way Mame and her younger brother Mugi interact with their poodle friends, we can safely say that they’ve got a really happy childhood!


Mame-chan’s first friends are these gentle giants


Mame and her giant poodle friends starred in a music video

So, currently, their Instagram account has over half a million followers. They went viral sometime around 2016. And one of the people who saw their beyond-adorable content was a friend of multi-awarded musician Beck. “A friend of Beck really liked one of the photos and told him about them,” Tamanegi said. To everyone’s surprise, Beck liked what he saw so much that he decided to invite the crew to star in his music video.

Since Beck was an American musician, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she didn’t know who he was at the beginning. The invitation certainly had her baffled and curious. But since Beck wanted to feature them in his music video, his team did everything they could to explain and introduce what was happening to the surprised grandmother. After reaching an understanding, Mame and her trio of fluffy poodles starred in Beck’s music video for “Fix Me” which was a track off his album Colors.

So, you can keep up with this adorable crew on Instagram or the blog which their grandmother runs. (She writes the sweetest things about her grandchildren!)