Meet ‘Baby’ – A Corgi That’s Gained A Large Following Because Of Her Adorable Personality

They’re stumpy, short, chubby and cute. The corgi is arguably the most adorable dog breed in the world. Apparently, there’s an ongoing rivalry among canine breeds as to which is the cutest. While everyone has their own favorite, we seriously think that corgis just took the trophy. Even the Queen herself would agree that these cutesy dogs are the most lovable creatures on this planet.

This 5-month-old pup from Myanmar will turn you into a fan of the breed in an instant. Her name is Baby and her beautiful smile is guaranteed to make you fall head over heels in love with her. This adorable puppy is happily living with her owner May Theint New. Baby isn’t the only dog in the house. In fact, she has a 2-year-old big brother named Copper who is just like her.


Meet Baby, The Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Pup Who Is Currently Stealing Hearts On The Internet

What makes this breed so irresistibly adorable? Their physical features and personality are both endearing. These happy-go-lucky dogs are affectionate and known to be notoriously cuddly. And the way their mouths open makes them look like they’re always smiling. Not to mention, they have fluffy little butts and short legs that make for the best sploots. Indeed, having one of these dogs around is like having a ray of sunshine all the time.

May Theint New revealed that Cooper was the first dog she got because she loves the breed. Early this year, she got another pup as a new member of the family. Cooper and Baby became friends almost instantly despite their opposite personalities. Cooper is mellow, gentle and sweet while Baby is feisty and playful. As a loving brother, Copper is very kind and forgiving when Baby goofs around him. Although they are of the same breed, Baby has a fluffier coat than Cooper.

“Baby is very playful and feisty. She sometimes gets jealous [of Cooper] if she doesn’t get enough attention herself.” says her owner.





May created an Instagram page for her two adorable pets to share their cuteness with the world. The page fully documents throwback pics of Copper when he was still a pup until the arrival of Baby in the house. May Theint New also revealed that Cooper isn’t as comfortable in front of the camera as much as Baby is. So, this explains why Baby has more photos on the page than her shy brother.

As you can see from the photos, this high-spirited corgi pup knows how to melt hearts with her sweet smile and charming poses. And these are more than enough to ease all our troubles away. We hope you’re ready for this cuteness overload.

Source: Instagram page