The “Scan Marker” Can Scan Printed Text Instantly To Your Smart Device

Need to retype copious notes or edit volumes of text from a book, memo, magazines, or journals? Save time and effort and let this smart pen scanner do the hard work for you. All you need to do is slide the device across any printed text. And it will scan and convert the scanned data into machine encoded text. It then transmits the converted data into a text editor in your computer or smartphone, making the transmitted text ready for editing. Hence, this reliable tool takes away the burden of retyping lines of text from physical documents and other printed materials. It greatly helps students and professionals who are required to take lots of notes or passages from various books.

Since 2018, digital highlighters have significantly simplified the way we copy printed text and convert the data into digital and editable form. But over time, upgraded versions of this modern piece of technology have come forward with additional features. While all pen scanners use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned data into editable format, some of the latest versions can actually do more than this. We’ve found this innovative model that efficiently does its job as a pen scanner and more.


Pen Scanner

bluetooth digital highlighter

This smart pen scanner also features automatic translation for over 40 different languages. To translate text written in other languages, first select the language you want to translate to. Slide the device over the printed text and the translated text will be displayed on the screen. This feature should come in handy when the task requires translating textbooks or when you’re trying to master a foreign language. If you’re planning to visit another country, bringing this portable translating device with you should prove very useful.

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Apart from its language translation feature, this pen scanner has an integrated text-to-speech function. Connect your wireless headphone to the Bluetooth-enabled device and listen as it reads the scanned text back to you. With this feature, this could become an invaluable tool for people with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. The real-time text-to-speech function also aids with reading comprehension and improve memorization.

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That’s not all. This multifunctional pen scanner also doubles as a barcode scanner. And it’s just not for text. It can also read other printed data types such as numbers, tables, signatures, and black-and-white images which will be inserted alongside the text. So it’s basically a pen scanner, a language translator, a reading pen, and a barcode reader rolled into one tool.


This Digital Highlighter Is Also A Language Translator, A Reading Pen, And A Barcode Reader

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One of the main advantages of this pen scanner compared to other competitors is its very fast scanning ability. It can scan 3,000 characters per minute or a full line of text in just one second. Just make sure to slide the device over the text quickly in a smooth fashion to get accurate results. To use, you need to install a software on your computer or smartphone and activate it using the provided code.

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The unit comes with a Bluetooth dongle for wireless computer connection and USB cable for charging. Featuring an ergonomic and compact design, this rectangular digital highlighter measures 5 inches long, 0.9 inches wide, 0.7 inches thick, and weighs 2.1 ounces. It is available in colors black and turquoise. A customer review reads:


“This is an awesome tool! As a student in an intensive graduate program, my reading averages about 1,000 pages per week and the majority of that is in real books. With the [pen scanner], I can quickly scan important passages into OneNote or Evernote or Word making all of my reading much more searchable.”

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