This Inflatable Sunbathing Tub Is Exactly What I Need This Summer

Summer is here and it only means one thing – it’s the perfect time to get a suntan. But how can we sunbathe if we don’t have a pool? Enter the inflatable sunbathing tub and you have the perfect spot to lie in the sun and get that lovely tan or just simply lounge. No pool, no problem, indeed. Just place it in your yard, fill it with water, and enjoy your personal mini pool.

This inflatable sunbathing tub lets you relax in the sun while being immersed in water to beat the scorching summer heat. It easily inflates in minutes with the use of an air pump (not included). Fill the base with water to the brim to have your very own suntan tub. If you want to submerge with more water, do not inflate the bottom part all the way full to give more room for more water. You can place it on the grass, concrete surface, tiled or wooden flooring. So, you can use it virtually anywhere – in your yard, deck, or patio.


Inflatable Sunbathing Tub

inflatable sunbathing tub yard

This inflatable sunbathing tub can also be used as a pool float, for those who are fortunate enough to own a swimming pool. It features a ribbed base construction for ultimate lounging experience, on and off the water. It also comes with an integrated removable head rest for added head support as you lounge and sunbathe. This summer essential is made of high quality, durable, UV resistant vinyl with clear top design to keep you and your suntan tub cool in the sun. Furthermore, it flaunts a reflective retro design to help you get those “Instagrammable” summer photos.

inflatable sunbathing tub mini pool


pool float with ribbed base construction


inflatable sunbathing tub blue


pool float with ribbed base construction and headrest

This versatile pool float also features built-in pad eyes and grab line to let you bring it with you anywhere, even when inflated. You can take it to the beach, lake, or river and use the pad eyes and grab line to dock it in place or raft up with other pool floats. When fully inflated, it measures 70 inches long, 46 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. It is available in colors blue and pink/purple. Please note that the inflatable sunbathing tub doesn’t include an air pump. But it comes with a patch kit to provide a quick fix in case of leaks and punctures.

“I absolutely love this thing! It’s so big and sturdy. Coming from a 5’9” – it’s so comfortable I’ve actually fallen asleep in it.”

pool float with grab line lounge anywhere


inflatable sunbathing tub pink purple


pool float with ribbed base construction grab line

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