Times People Posted Their Tattoo Fails Online Only To Realize Their Mistakes Too Late

There are millions of people who are tattoo enthusiasts. Some have a few, others are absolutely covered, and some people don’t have any at all but still appreciate and love the art form. However, many people dislike tattoos, and this is often to do with the designs that people choose and the permanent nature of an inking. Unfortunately, some people don’t take getting tattooed seriously enough. This carelessness leads to all sorts of tattoo fails, including spelling errors and distorted images. Here we have a range of examples that leave will leave you with your head buried in your hands. Take a look and prepare to cringe! 

Tattoo Fails

Let’s hope that this person is musical!

Tattoo Fails bass clef


Change your birth certificate, no big deal!

Tattoo Fails change birth certificate


Ouch. That’s a nasty infection waiting to happen!

We’d like to see what the ‘worse’ image was like! 

Tattoo Fails ferret dream catcher


The dodgiest pair of lips we’ve ever seen! 

The comment reply is just brilliant.

Tattoo Fails live gos on


Those comments are savage! ‘All will be loost’!

Tattoo Fails never loose hope


We’d like to see which part of the internet this spelling was found…

Tattoo Fails no lies just love


Uh oh, sometimes it’s better not to say anything! 

Something doesn’t add up here…

Tattoo Fails shuttershock


Some people will defend their errors no matter what… 

Tattoo Fails spelling mistake


FML indeed, Nick! 

Tattoo Fails then die as nothing


But not too careful, it would seem! 

Tattoo Fails too


Oh dear. Some poor person actually has this on their body. 

Tattoo Fails wont even see the hands



Tattoo Fails wood