Homeowner Left Snacks Out For The Delivery Man And His Reaction Is So Pure

The way we shop has definitely changed these days. Before the rise of the Internet, shopping was a tiring, chaotic chore… especially during the holidays. Back then, fights would break out for the season’s must-haves. Fortunately, that kind of chaos doesn’t exist in the glorious age of online shopping. Nowadays, you can check everything off your shopping list within an hour and expect it to arrive on your doorstep in a jiffy. Couriers play an important role in this operation.

It’s a pretty thankless job, to be honest. There isn’t much interaction either. But one family from Middletown, Delaware decided to leave snacks for the delivery guy who comes to drop off their packages. And this particular delivery guy’s reaction to their gesture is precious beyond words. Karim Earl Reed III was just going about his day delivering packages for Amazon Prime on December 2nd. He had a list and you can bet that he was checking it twice. And when he arrived at the Ouma residence, he found a surprise.

snacks for the delivery guy


The Ouma family left out snacks for the delivery guy and the gesture was very much appreciated

Unbeknownst to him, Kathy and her family had a surprise for delivery drivers dropping by their house. They left a basket full of delicious snacks and refreshments by their door with a thoughtful note. It was a simple, but very touching way of showing their appreciation for the hard work that delivery people do every day.

Please take some goodies to enjoy on your route. Thank you for making holiday shopping easy.
The Ouma Family”

karim checks out the snacks for the delivery guy the oumas left out
karim is overjoyed by the family's snacks for the delivery guy gesture

Karim immediately spotted the gift basket, since it was placed on top of a chair by the front door. At first, the delivery man was bewildered. But after setting down the package gently on an adjacent chair, he inched closer to the basket and inspected its note and contents. Moments later, Karim’s baffled disposition immediately shifted into glee. In the video, he can be heard expressing his delight over the goodies his recipient had left out. And judging by his suave dance moves, the treats certainly brought him some cheer!


When Kathy saw the delivery guy’s reaction, she knew she had to share it

After Karim’s visit, Kathy decided to check the footage her Ring doorbell captured. And she certainly wasn’t expecting what she’d see there! After Karim had chosen his treats, the happy delivery man couldn’t contain his joy that he just had to dance. And that little happy dance of his is basically the embodiment of  pure happiness. Nothing like receiving an unexpected gift of kindness on a cold, grey day! It certainly made Kathy’s day, and she decided to share the happy moment with the rest of the world.



The video went viral almost immediately after she uploaded it online. It amassed 2.4 million views on its first day. As of writing, the video has already been seen over 10 million times! The video was shared on different platforms. And the reaction for it is always the same. Everyone who’s seen this heartwarming clip was certainly touched by Kathy’s gesture and happy for Karim.


Karim thanked Kathy shortly after the footage went viral

karim reply

This story just had us going “Awww!” throughout. That’s the spirit of Christmas right there, brothers and sisters. Kathy’s generous gesture certainly reminds us all that it doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day. You could simply leave out snacks for the delivery guy – that’ll definitely be a nice surprise for them!

After all, their job gets pretty hectic and tiring especially during the holiday season. It’s really nice when you realize people care about you, even though you don’t know each other.


People were inspired and touched by the story


be needing a big basket


a little christmas thank you


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