Joseph Catimbang Creates Awesome Nature-Inspired Illustrations


If you like nature and slightly weird, surreal art, then you'll love these illustrations by Joseph Catimbang. Pen and ink is Joseph's weapon of choice, resulting in starkly beautiful black and white drawings. His unique style is both highly realistic and somewhat surreal, giving his drawings a sense of magical realism. Joseph, who currently lives in California, says that he has been drawing and sketching since he was a tiny child, and has been passionate about his art for as long as he can remember. This love and dedication to his craft really shows in his work. Writing about his art, Joseph says…

"I had the opportunity to grow up in the province, in a small town located in the Philippines, where simple living is common and farm animals are seen on a daily basis and where nature is at its best. Just being there helped me a lot to improve myself. Drawing and sketching everything from where I am and what I see and adding some details from my imagination gives my illustrations that surreal look and feel."

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