Ross Smith And His 93-Year-Old Grandma Dress-Up In Hilarious Outfits And People Can’t Get Enough

Grandparents aren’t only the most adoring people in our lives but they’re also the most adorable to. Just take a look this 93-year-old grandma and her amusing BFF relationship with her 27-year-old grandson Ross Smith. By dressing up in ridiculous outfits, the hilarious duo wears funny costumes representing the holidays and festivals of the year. From Valentine’s Day, Easter, Independence Day, up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, the duo surely knows how to dress up for the occasion.

They also make perfect cosplayers to as they dress up as popular characters. Some of their best costumes are from The Avengers, Gladiator, Toy Story, Up, Courage the Cowardly Dog and many more.


When Did All The Fun Begin?

Six years ago, Ross started filming short videos on Vine. In one of his video clips, he asked his “Granny” Pauline to block one of his basketball shots, in which she obliged. And that’s when it all started. That particular Vine video blew up all over social media and now the comic grandma-grandson duo has taken over the internet.

ross smith granny up

Since then, Ross has been making funny videos and hilarious photoshoots of him and his Granny. They do everything from making parody rap videos, comedy sketches, prank videos, to trying out flamethrowers and trick beer pong shots. Currently, the duo already have 900k subscribers on YouTube, 9.4 million followers on Facebook, and 2.7 million followers on Instagram. And they’re not done yet.

The duo’s social media accounts continue to upload hilarious videos and funny pics along with the latest video updates on Granny. For more than five years, Ross and his Grandma have amused the world with their crazy adventures. And Granny wasn’t even aware of her fame until people started asking for pictures of her. But seems like she doesn’t mind all the attention that she’s getting. As a matter of fact, she’s enjoying the fame. She even got the chance to finally meet her celebrity crush Chuck Norris in one of their photoshoots.

We’ve picked out the funniest photos from the viral duo’s Instagram page to share with you. You can also follow Ross Smith on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see the latest posts.

ross smith granny christmas tree chopping


ross smith granny the avengers


ross smith granny thanksgiving turkey


ross smith granny chuck norris


ross smith granny santa


ross smith granny leprechaun


ross smith granny mona lisa


ross smith granny poop


ross smith granny summer chill


ross smith granny easter


ross smith granny super bowl


ross smith granny courage the cowardly dog


ross smith granny hunting season


ross smith granny rock band


granny grandson comic duo gladiators


granny grandson comic duo winter


granny grandson comic duo mexican


granny grandson comic duo fourth of july


granny grandson comic duo toy story


granny grandson comic duo christmas


granny grandson comic duo pizza


granny grandson comic duo halloween


granny grandson comic duo green acres


granny grandson comic duo easter bunny egg


granny grandson comic duo roblox


granny grandson comic duo football


granny grandson comic duo chicken costumes


granny grandson comic duo battle tank


granny grandson comic duo burger chefs


Source: Instagram | Facebook

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