The Glass AR-15 Rifle Decanter Is Definitely One For All The Gun Lovers Out There

Enjoy your wine time with a bang with this elegant glass AR-15 rifle decanter. We’ve seen a lot of stunning decanters that both look peculiar and sophisticated. But if you’re looking for something more badass then you might want to check this decanter out. For sure, serving your favorite drink will never be the same with this cool and classy glass decanter.


Why Should You Use A Decanter?

There are many good reasons why we should use a decanter. Traditionally made from glass or crystal, these vessels separate the sediment from the liquid. With every pour, you get a clearer drink that tastes better as the sediment stays in the decanter.

Another purpose of decanters is to aerate wine in order to bring out certain flavors and notes. After being stuck in a bottle for a long time, a wine can lose its original aroma and flavor. By allowing the wine to breathe, it awakens the spirit that has been trapped inside.

glass ar-15 rifle decanter

So, there’s no doubt that a decanter is a definite must-have for all wine enthusiasts. But don’t just settle for any ordinary decanter. Make a lasting impression on your friends by serving their drinks through this impressive rifle decanter. This one-of-a-kind decanter doesn’t only bring out the best from the wine but it also makes a good conversation piece.

It features a realistic rifle design complete with the magazine and the grip. The gun-shaped vessel is fully hollow which allows you to fill it with any type of wine – vodka, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, bourbon and more.

rifle-shaped wine vessel


m16-shaped wine vessel


gun-themed wine set

This elegant glass decanter is made from boroscilicate glass. It features a sealed tip to keep the liquid inside. Simply pop open the lid to pour your drink into the glass, holding it like a real rifle. Furthermore, it comes with 4 bullet wine glasses. Each glass is made by hand and features a bullet on the side. And don’t worry, the bullets do not contain gunpowder so there will be no accidental explosion during your drinking session.

bullet wine glasses


bullet whiskey glasses


How Much Liquid Can It Hold?

The glass AR-15 rifle decanter measures 22.5 inches long, 8.5 inches and can hold up to 33.8 oz of liquid. It comes in a sleek stand made from mahogany wood for a more sophisticated look. Each bullet wine glass can hold up to 15 oz of liquid. So, get the perfect set here and get ready to appease the wine-lover (and the gun lover) in you. One happy buyer wrote:

“My hubby loved this gift! He’s an ex-military guy and the gun theme was perfect for him! Very durable and great quality!”


glass ar-15 rifle decanter details


glass ar-15 rifle decanter grip


glass ar-15 rifle decanter mahogany wooden base


glass ar-15 rifle decanter customer photo

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