Lay’s Fried Pickles With Ranch Chips Are Back

Two of the most amazing things that ever happened to us are pickles and ranch, right? Well, they’re both in Lays Fried Pickles with Ranch Chips!

Made in 2018 at the Taste of America promotion, the chips have found their way back to stores once again this year. Do you know what this means? You need to shop while you can! Since that Taste of America promotion last year, you won’t find Lays Fried Pickles with Ranch Chips on shelves. At least now, they’re finally back!

lays fried pickles with ranch chips

According to the product description:

“inspired by a deep-fried favorite at Midwest state fair.”

“Delicious fried pickles with ranch flavor.”

We also spot some sour cream in there!

When this delightful Lay’s chips first came to our lives in 2018, other flavors also joined the launch. With regional inspiration, Lay’s Cajun Spice, Deep Dish Pizza, and Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice all came into the scene. These flavors lasted through the Summer, but then we never heard of them again.

Get yourself these fried pickles with ranch Lays today.