15 Funny Occasions When Kids Tried To Outsmart Their Elders

Anyone who has had the pleasure of raising children will know they often have a know-it-all attitude. You think you have a 5 year old, but out of no where they’re talking like their 20 years old and the boss! However, there’s no denying that sometimes kids come out with such hilarious gems, you can’t believe what you’ve just seen or heard. Here we have 15 funny occasions where witty kids tried to outsmart their elders, or, left them shocked and amused. Take a look and see if you recognize something your own kids would do!


That is one clever child!


Wise words, Eric.


Brutal! We bet that vet got a shock!


This happens in every household!


True that!


What an adorable facial expression!


This is truly hilarious. Not quite the reaction Ellen was expecting we imagine!


Creepy or witty? You decide!


The inventiveness is strong with this one!


You nearly had us there!


How awful for whoever had to tidy this up! We hope it was the boy!


When you make ‘no’ into ‘HELL YES’ on your mom’s phone! And, ‘no’ into ‘where the f at’ on your dad’s phone!


Good try, Jackie!


Well, she’s not wrong!


Totally legit!

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