Hostess’s New S’Mores Cupcakes Are Packed With Marshmallow Filling

Since we still can’t go out camping and sit around a bonfire to make s’mores, Hostess is giving us the next best thing: S’mores Cupcakes! It seems that we’re getting more and more s’more-inspired goodies as time goes by. This campy delight is so good that even Starbucks has been serving S’mores Frappuccinos since 2015! And now with these new S’mores Cupcakes, you’re snack break dream is finally coming true!

The popular snack brand has been giving us little morsels of joy to unwrap for the longest time. We all know that their Twinkies are iconic snacks at this point. And their CupCake range isn’t too far behind, with their delightfully fun and delicious offerings. At the moment, their CupCake range includes Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Iced Lemon and a host of other delicious flavors. But it’s certainly worth noting that this is the first time the brand is incorporating this campfire classic into their treats. So we’re really excited about biting into their S’Mores CupCakes!


Hostess will be debuting S’Mores CupCakes for a limited time this summer

Despite coming in CupCake form, the brand still made sure to include all three key s’more ingredients in their new offering. You’ll still get that graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow flavor mashup in every bite. According to the description, the CupCake itself features the graham cracker flavor and is topped with chocolate icing garnished with their signature vanilla squiggle. But the real treat here is its toasted marshmallow filling. That’s right everyone’s favorite thing about s’mores is in these CupCake. How awesome is that?

Snack sleuths on Instagram have begun picking up the brand’s teasers about the upcoming limited edition offering. According to @junkbanter, @junkfoodmom, @junkfoodonthego, @dadbodsnacks, and @candyhunting, the new S’mores CupCakes will be available exclusively at Walmart starting July 9 for $2.68 a box. Each box contains 8 individually packed S’more CupCake. This campy offering will only be available for a limited time, so you’d better grab a box or two as soon as you can. We’re definitely looking forward to snacking on this toasted marshmallow-filled CupCake!