16 Captivating Photos Of Things That Have Aged

There is nothing truly permanent in this world. People and things will come and go. Change is inevitable and can happen in an instant or over millions of years. Here we have 16 captivating photos of things that have aged.

Hands across generations.

Before and after power washing of a building in New York.

Identical teddy bears – one used for 30 years and the other kept in storage.

Pipe showing 6 months of mineral build up.

The ghosts of Union Station.

Pile of M&M’s sitting inside the machine for over a decade.

Footprints made by monk Hua Chi for praying at the exact spot for decades.

Coca Cola can sitting in that cup holder for more than 2 years.

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Worn steps at The Great Wall of China.

An entire brick wall molded by the sea.

Star Wars pillowcase used everyday for 40 years vs. Star Wars pillowcase kept in the closet.

A bike chained to a tree in 1914.

Iron Chef Morimoto’s knives. Top-left corner is a new one while the rest have undergone usage, sharpening and cutting for 3 years.

An old tree holding up stones from a collapsed wall.

Parking lot that used to be an old building. Instead of taking out the old floor, they simply covered it.

Corner beside the front door of a local bike store showing obvious wear for the last 30 years of customers striking it with their pedals.