This Cat Butt Tissue Holder Is Purrfect For Cat Butt Lovers

If you still haven’t got this hilarious cat butt tissue holder, you really need to question your life choices. Because seriously, we all need to have this in our life. Everything about cats is amazing so it’s no wonder they’re reigning the internet. From their fluffy coats and cute eyes to their quirky personality and unpredictable moods – everything about them makes them so special. If you ever feel depressed or sad, you only need to look at your feline friend or watch cat videos on YouTube to make you feel better.

This cat tissue holder is sure to bring fun and smiles into your life. Imagine having to pull out a sheet of tissue paper from a cute kitty’s bum. Of course, that is something we can never do to our feline pets. Dare to touch their rumps and prepare for a claw attack. Needless to say, their butthole is off-limits so don’t even think about poking it. But this cat-shaped holder will be happy to hold your paper napkin on its patootie for you.


Cat Butt Tissue Holder

cat butt tissue holder black and white

This humorous cat tissue holder fits standard square tissue boxes. The cat replica has a hollow interior and open bottom to let you hide the tissue box inside. Place the oval opening towards the kitty’s butthole and pull a sheet out from the hole. So every time you take a paper napkin, it looks like you’re pulling it out from the kitty’s behind.

funny butthole paper napkin dispenser


paper napkin dispenser


cat butt tissue holder

This cat tissue holder measures 12.5 inches long and 9.25 inches wide. It comes in two different designs – black-and-white kitty and orange tabby. Place this in the center of your dining table and get some laughs each time your guests pull out a paper napkin from it. This also makes a practical and whimsical addition to kitchens, powder rooms, bathrooms and office desks. To clean, just hand-wash it with warm soapy water. One happy buyer wrote:

“This was a gift for my sister-in-law. She loves cats. She loved it. Super cute and has a purpose. At first she thought  it was just a statue of a cat until she realized it was a tissue holder.”

orange tabby butthole paper napkin dispenser


butthole paper napkin dispenser


paper napkin dispenser orange tabby


orange tabby cat butt tissue holder


cat butt tissue holder orange tabby

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cat-shaped paper napkin dispenser

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