Skull Bath Bombs For The Horror Fanatics That Enjoy A Good Soak

Pamper your cold, Goth-loving soul with this skull bath bomb. Halloween or not, these spooky fizzies are sure to get you in the Gothic mood. So, you can soak and relax to scare all the cares of the day away. For horror fans and those who love Halloween, creepy things indeed have a place in everything – even in bath time. We’re sure you’ve heard about the Pennywise bath bomb that lets you bring the terrifying ghost-clown into your tub. But if horror films aren’t your thing and you just want something dark to pacify your inner witch then we have this beautifully spooky option for you.

This sparkly skull bath bomb will leave both your body and soul completely entranced. Just drop these bad boys into the tub and find yourself surrounded by foamy elixir to soothe your spirit. These skull-shaped bathroom essentials will take bath time to a whole new level. They come in a wide range of colors to turn your bath water into the color of your choice. Gothic-lovers will surely love the black one so they can soak in mystical black water. Or perhaps you want to immerse in blood-colored water by picking the red one.


Skull Bath Bomb

skull bath bomb black

If you’re not comfortable with your bath water taking on a horrifying hue then you can pick other colors apart from the black and red. The skull bath bomb is also available in other gorgeous colors including pink, blue, white, purple, yellow, green, and more. Each color has a corresponding scent to provide a luxurious spa-like bathing experience.


The black bath bomb features a black jasmine scent, the red one has pomegranate scent, the pink one smells like pink sugar, the purple has black raspberry vanilla fragrance, the white one smells like lavender – you can find the complete list of available colors and scents on the shop.

skull bath bomb different colors and scents


halloween-themed beauty essential pink white


skull bath bomb light blue

These skull-shaped bath bombs are made from natural ingredients such as baking soda, citric acid, distilled water, and avocado oil. For the scents, they use skin-safe fragrance oils which are phthalate- and paraben-free. And the colorants are made from cosmetic-grade dyes that won’t irritate the skin or leave any stains.

halloween-themed beauty essential sparkly yellow


skull bath bomb white lavender scent


skull bath bomb pink sugar

Each skull bath bomb weighs about 7-oz so this is actually much bigger than other palm-sized bath bombs. If you can’t find your favorite scent on the list, you can custom order your desired scent for an upcharge. And although the spooky form makes an absolute tribute to Halloween, you can use these bath bombs all year round. Honestly, we’re thinking of getting all colors just to experience all the scents. Furthermore, watching these creepy skulls fizzle and dissolve in water makes a thrilling visual treat.

halloween-themed beauty essential pink


skull bath bomb pink color


skull bath bomb purple


halloween-themed beauty essential red


halloween-themed beauty essential cherry blossom scent


halloween-themed beauty essentials scented

Source: Etsy