As This Skull Candle Burns, Red Wax Begins To Pour Out Of The Eye Sockets

Ramp up the spooky atmosphere this Halloween with this black skull candle that bleeds as it burns. Candles may sound like an obvious choice for decorating our homes during the spooky season. Aside from the fact that they provide atmospheric lighting, they also hold a symbolic significance to All Hallows Eve. The popular holiday originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain where people believed that the souls of the dead return to Earth on the night of October 31. During this time of the year, people are traditionally lighting up candles around their homes to guide lost spirits home.

Today, candles play a bigger role as a decorative element rather than a spiritual medium that guides lost souls. And if you’re looking for a Halloween candle that can give you the spookiest spectacle then this skull-shaped one is perfect for the occasion. Not only does it light up your room to create an eerie ambience but this black paraffin wax also features a quirky design fitting for the Halloween. Inside the black-colored outer shell is a red-colored wax. As it burns, the red wax melts and comes out from the skull’s eye holes.


Bleeding Skull Candle

bleeding black skull candle

Watch as the creepy skull candle shed bloody tears from its hollow eyes as it burns. If there’s a candle more terrifying than this then let us know. Its ominous black color, realistic human skull design, and ‘weeping blood’ effect – nothing epitomizes fright night quite like this one. So, where can we find one of these bad boys?

black skull candle



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This black skull candle has been a seasonal offering that appears on Target shelves around Halloween in the recent years. By this time, you are likely to find them sitting on the shelves at your nearest Target location. You can also find them on Amazon.

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