There’s Now Floating Wheelchairs For The Beach That Make It Easier To Move Across Sand

Recreational areas like beaches and pools should be accessible to everyone. Indeed, having special needs or even a disability shouldn’t hinder a person from enjoying the best things in life. AccessRec is a family-owned business that advocates this mission through its ingenious line of beach wheelchairs.

Aptly dubbed WaterWheels, this beach buggy allows you easy and convenient access from the beach directly to the water. So, it’s perfectly suitable for people with special needs or disabilities, as well as elders who experience difficulty in walking. It primarily consists of six different parts—a frame, two armrests, and three big wheels.

waterwheels three-wheeled pool buggy


waterwheels pool buggy


Aptly dubbed WaterWheels, this floating wheelchair makes the beach accessible to people with special needs or disabilities

waterwheels beach wheelchair


floating beach wheelchair


beach wheelchair

Made of pneumatic rubber, the tires can not only roll on sand but also float in water. The armrests are floatable too, allowing you to comfortably lounge in the water. This floating wheelchair also includes a seatbelt for your safety and a waterproof back pocket for your convenience. It also features three different seat adjustments—one for transitioning you to the chair and two for reclining the chair.

waterwheels floating pool buggy


waterwheels floating beach wheelchair for people with disability


waterwheels three-wheeled pool buggy for disabled people


waterwheels three-wheeled pool buggy for people with special needs

Measuring 65″ long, 42″ wide, and 47″ tall, WaterWheels boasts a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, with no tools needed at all! The chair is foldable too, so you can easily transport it into and out of your vehicle. This means that storing it is a breeze as well—simply detach the armrests, and it’s ready for storage.

waterwheels floating beach wheelchair


waterwheels pool buggy portability


beach wheelchair for handicapped


waterwheels pool buggy for people with disability



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Keep in mind that the WaterWheels is not intended for use during inclement weather. The company also suggests using it on leveled surfaces only to avoid injuries and accidents. For your safety, always check with your local lifeguard if weather and water conditions are suitable for WaterWheels use. Likewise, be sure to use the WaterWheels under the supervision of an able-bodied adult.

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