This Scream-Inspired Bubble Blower Is The Perfect Bath Companion For Halloween

Bath time is about to get a lot spookier and more fun with this Scream-inspired bubble blower. In honor of Halloween, people tend to dig up the scariest things they could find. From decorations and costumes to beauty products and bathroom essentials, it’s that special time of the year when we can appease the horror-loving person in us with all things spooky.

Now you can bring the suspense and thrill into your tub this Halloween because Lush has a Scream-inspired bubble blower that will make any horror fans screaming in delight. This reusable bubble bar comes in the form of Ghostface, the fictional serial killer wearing a rubber mask and the main villain of the Scream series. This bubble bar works the same as bath bombs. It creates frothy bubbles, gives off a relaxing scent, and also changes the color of your bath water. The only difference is that bubble bars don’t quickly dissolve in water like bath bombs do. So, you can reuse them until they’re completely used up.


Scream-Inspired Bubble Blower

ghostface bubble bar

But unlike regular bubble bars, this Scream-inspired bubble blower comes with a popsicle stick. No, you don’t eat like a popsicle! The stick is used to hold the bar under running water or to swish it around the bath water. Then watch it transform the water into a bewitching deep purple color as it gives off a fruity cherry scent for a relaxing bubble bath experience. Plus, watching the sinister-looking Ghostface gradually melting down to give you more bubbles should make your bath time more exciting than ever.

scream-inspired bubble blower


ghostface bubble bar cherry scent


scream-inspired bubble blower popsicle stick

Of course, this Scream-inspired bubble blower is more than just its spine-chilling looks. It is made with a moisturizing blend of corn starch, ylang ylang oil, and almond oil. When you’re satisfied with the amount of bubbles in your bath, you can hold the bar by the stick and blow some bubbles through its open mouth. How fun is that? Store the bar in a dry glass jar after each use so it’s always ready to use for your next bath.



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