Grab Yourself One Of These Evil Toy Ducks Inspired From ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Jack Skellington and all the residents of Halloween Town will always be a part of Halloween, whether you like it or not. From the main protagonists and antagonists down to the side characters, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas truly has many exceptionally creepy and fascinating characters that we’ll never forget. Although this one’s not basically a ‘character’, you probably remember the Evil Toy Duck which appeared briefly during the ‘Making Christmas’ song.

The yellow evil-looking plaything is now brought to life and we have this Etsy shop to thank for that. Now you can have the real Evil Toy Duck as a Christmas (or Halloween) present. This life-size replica features a realistic imitation of fictional thing down to the smallest details. From its razor sharp teeth and large eyes down to the bloody bullet holes. The yellow duck also sits on a plank wood with functioning wheels, exactly like the one in the movie. Only this thing doesn’t chase after kids to terrorize them. Or maybe it does, who knows?


Evil Toy Duck Life-Size Replica

evil toy duck life size replica

This Evil Toy Duck is hand-crafted from insulation foam and craft foam. The wheeled board is made of real wood with the duck’s beak and razor sharp teeth made of metal. So, you may want to take your hands away from those spiky daggers if you don’t want to hurt yourself. This entire thing measures 9 inches long and 10 inches high. And the wooden plank comes with an eye bolt attached if you want to tow this thing with a cord or rope.

evil toy duck


evil toy duck nightmare before christmas


evil toy duck halloween props

If you’re planning to cosplay or dress up as one of the characters from the iconic stop-motion animated movie, this Evil Toy Duck should complete the ‘perfect’ look. This also makes an ideal gift for the biggest fans of the classic Disney Halloween movie. One satisfied customer wrote:

“First off, frankly, there is no other product like this in size. Most Killer Ducks are small figures or toys, and I wanted a sizeable one for my Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Halloween décor.”

halloween props nightmare before christmas


halloween props nightmare before christmas replica

Source: Etsy