The Pennywise Bath Bomb Is A Horror Fan’s Dream Bath Companion

Have you seen the IT Chapter Two movie yet? If you can’t get enough of the horror, get yourself a Pennywise Bath Bomb and bring the horror right to your bath tub. It’s time to move on from the shark craze and replace your shark bath bomb with this IT-inspired bath bombs. The Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb features the head of the terrifying evil clown with all his ghastly features. Fiery orange hair, petrifying eyes, pointy teeth, and nightmarish grin. Yes, you can bring the horrifying image to your tub to make bath time a little creepier and more thrilling.

etsy pennywise clown bath bomb it movie

The Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb is indeed the embodiment of our worst nightmare. But the real action begins when you dip it into the warm water. As the clown’s sinister face melts away, it slowly turns your tub into a bloodbath. You don’t have to worry about the fizzy orange color because it won’t stain your tub. And as his head sinks into the water, the scene leaves a disturbing image that will surely haunt your dreams.

pennywise bath bomb


it bath bomb

As the Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb fizzes into bubbles, it gives off a cotton candy scent that will certainly relax your senses. After watching the horror, you can finally lay back and enjoy the aromatic scent. It is made from witch hazel, shea butter, bio glitter, citric acid, polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), baking soda, fragrance, and colorant. You don’t need to wait every 27 years because you can take Pennywise with you to the tub whenever you want. And don’t forget, Halloween is just around the corner. So you may want to stock up on this bath essential just in time for the spooky season. You can pamper yourself with something creepy during Halloween or you can give them as gifts to your friends.

etsy pennywise clown bath bomb orange fizz


etsy pennywise clown bath bomb orange color


etsy pennywise clown bath bomb scary face

Get the Pennywise Clown Bath Bomb here and prepare for a bath time that is both terrifying and relaxing. You can also complete the horror ensemble by getting other horror characters bath bombs. There’s the possessed doll Annabelle, the killer doll Chucky, the slasher Micheal Myers, the bloodsucking Dracula, the fearsome nun Valak, and more.

Possessed Doll Annabelle

etsy annabelle doll bath bomb



etsy chucky doll bath bomb


Micheal Myers

etsy michael mask bath bomb



etsy dracula vampire bath bomb


Nun Valak

etsy valak nun bath bomb

If these terrifying horror characters are too much for you, there are other Halloween-themed bath bombs to opt for. There’s the jack-o-lantern cauldron, witch’s hat, skull, voodoo doll, Frankenstein cauldron, and more.


Jack-O-Lantern Cauldron

etsy pumpkin cauldron bath bomb


Witch’s Hat

etsy witch hat bath bomb



etsy skull bath bomb


Voodoo Doll

etsy voodoo doll bath bomb


Frankenstein Cauldron

etsy frankenstein cauldron bath bomb

Get the Pennywise Bath Bomb here

You can get the others here.