Skull Light Phone Charger

Need to charge your phone? Why not add some dark aesthetic to it? We’ve found this skull light phone charger that also doubles as a spooky decorative lighting which is perfect for Halloween. If you’re one of those who love anything Halloween-related and all spooky things then this is absolutely the most stylish way to charge your iPhone.

This skull light phone charger features 8 skull-shaped LED lights attached to a 48-inch cord. Plug it into any USB charging port (computer, car, powerbank) and watch the white skulls glow into neon bright green. While your phone is charging, the cord basically turns into a holiday string light to illuminate or add a spooky vibe to your space.


Skull Light Phone Charger

skull light phone charger

This skull light phone charger is compatible with iPhones (from models 5 up to 11 Pro Max). Get a charge out of the spooky season and use it to decorate your desk while it’s juicing up your iOS devices. It also makes an ideal solution for those who can’t find their phones in the dark, especially if you’re the type that always charge their phone during the night. And if you feel like using it all year long, not just in Halloween, then yes you can do so. The glowing skulls are sure to get you into the Halloween spirit anytime you feel like it. One satisfied buyer wrote:

“Very cute! I was concerned it might [be] slow to charge my phone because of the lights but it works great! I have ordered one for Christmas now because I liked this Halloween one so much.”

skull light phone charger for iphones

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