Artist Stefan Kuhnigk Turns Coffee Stains Into Cute Little Monsters

Art is found in almost everything. It can be found in ordinary objects, random junk and yes, even in coffee stains. German designer Stefan Kuhnigk turns random coffee spillages into tiny adorable monsters. It’s no secret that every piece of art has its own background story and Kuhnigk’s caffeine monsters are no different.

Back in 2011, Kuhnigk was at the office when he accidentally spilled his coffee on some paper. Instead of throwing it away in the trash, he suddenly felt creative and decided to doodle on the spillage. He filled in some lines and shapes on the dried spillage and turned it into a cute, tiny monster. And that’s how it all started. He’s been making monster illustrations with coffee since then and he has now created over 500 caffeine monsters.


This Artist Turns Random Coffee Stains Into Tiny Monsters

You know what they say, sometimes accident is the mother of invention. Now, Kuhnigk purposely spills his coffee on paper and waits for the spillage to dry until it’s safe to draw on it. Following the shape of the stains, he would add a head, eyes and teeth to draw each wacky character. His wonderful monster illustrations range from cute and innocent to mischievous. Furthermore, the fact that every drawing was a result of a random spillage only adds to its charm.


So, He Starts With A Random Coffee Spillage Like This One


And Turns It Into A Drawing


“I really enjoy every single one because I love creation and the determination or coincidence of the coffee hitting paper,” Kuhnigk reveals. “I try to see a monster, character, or figure in it and when I find something, I draw it.”


His Followers Can Get Involved With The Art To. He Posts A Stain Online And Asks What You Can See


Then He Picks A Comment And Turns The Stain Into That Creature. Here Is A Fun Example, This Was The Stain Above.


So, Lets Take A Look At Some More Of His Cute Coffee Creations


He Even Creates Funny Little Stories About The Monsters To Which Really Brings The Drawings To Life


The Artist Also Has A YouTube Channel Where You Can See Different Videos About His Drawings And The Link Is In This Caption. So, Check That Out If You Want To See More.


It Seems That The Artist’s Creativity Is Endless Because He Even Creates Pop Culture Characters Such As Chewbacca!


Finally, We Have This Cute Monster. He Looks Like A Little Alien!

Kuhnigk shares all of his caffeine monster drawings on Instagram. So, you only need to follow his page to see his entire collection of adorable monsters. You can also buy some of his best art prints on Society6.

Check out the video below to see how the artist turns coffee into funny little monsters

 So, which coffee monster drawing is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Instagram | Website