These Long Cat-Shaped Towels Are ‘PAWesome’

Each home is as unique as the person living in it. Animal lovers usually decorate and furnish their home with their pets in mind. And there’s definitely no shortage of animal-inspired home décor! We have featured a good number of items in the past. Take for example the dog-shaped lamps and the kitty-inspired tissue holder. And this time around, we’ve found cat shaped towels that will definitely make hand drying more fun!

You can never have too many hand towels. Less is more doesn’t really apply here. In fact, the more you have, the better! And these feline-inspired towels will be a paw-some addition to your collection. These towels are definitely unlike any towel you’ve got in your collection. Most towels simply feature fun prints but rarely deviate from its rectangular shape. In comparison, Someone has decided to create one in the shape of a cat!

six different cat shaped towels


You can now dry your hands using cat shaped towels

These cat towels come in six designs. Each design takes inspiration from six of the most popular cat breeds in the world. The Calico Cat, British Short-hair, Black Cat, Dragon Li, Tabby Cat and Orange Tabby are available in towel form through this collection. These cat towels look so realistic that it’s almost disturbing. But if your precious kitty is one of these breeds, we’ve got a feeling that you’ll adore the concept. Those who are unable to care for the real thing will also love the towels. And those currently separated from their pets due to the pandemic will also love the towels!

person dries hands using the orange tabby cat shaped towel


woman dries her face

According to Amazon, these cat towels are made with 100% cotton. And since it’s made of pure cotton, the towel claims you will feel as though you are stroking a cat’s belly. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about your Long Cat Towel sliding off the towel rack like a typical towel. This is because theCat Towels have paws equipped with snap buttons. The snap buttons secure the towel on the rack until you decide it needs to go in the washer. This feature makes the cat towel appear as if it’s clinging for dear life. It will definitely be a conversation starter, when you finally get to have guests over!

orange tabby and british shorthair cat shaped towels dangling on towel rack


The towels are available in different ‘breeds’


Calico Cat Towel

calico cat-inspired bathroom towel


British Shorthair Towel

black and white cat


Black Cat Towel

black cat towel


Dragon Li Towel

dragon li


Tabby Cat Towel

tabby cat towel


Orange Tabby Cat Towel

orange tabby cat shaped towel

I think we can all agree that the Long Cat Towel is a must-have for all cat people out there. Cat ladies will definitely adore it! So snatch the towel of your choice (or get them all) before they’re gone! Get yours here.

Source: Amazon