This Shower Margarita Machine Turns Any Shower Into Happy Hour

We all have that one relative or friend who literally doesn’t mind drinking alcohol anytime and anywhere. So, this Christmas, why not pull a prank on them by hiding their gifts inside a shower margarita machine box? Fair warning, though: the details on this gag gift box are pretty convincing that they might even get their hopes high!

For starters, the “product” claims to be an automatic margarita mixer and dispenser. What’s more, it features a hands-free design that makes use of a stainless steel flexi-hose delivery system. So, it essentially “lets you drink up while you lather up,” turning bath times into happy hour. There’s no doubt that any booze-lover will be giddy with excitement just by the thought of this.

shower margarita machine prank gift box front


“Ordinary showers can waste valuable drinking time. With this clever contraption, the only thing wasted will be you.”

shower margarita machine prank gift box back

This ingenious booze dispenser comes with four super-suck gripper cups, allowing you to mount it to your shower wall securely. It also boasts a battery-operated, built-in ultra-high-tech chilling unit, as well as an auto-mix unit. So, you can sip on a perfectly concocted, chilled margarita at any time of the day.

shower margarita machine prank gift box

Each set includes 24 packets of insta-margarita mix in three flavors—lime, strawberry, and mango. You’ll also get four salt-flavored mouthpieces in fun colors that you can attach to the flexi-hose for convenient drinking. So, once you’ve got the device mounted to your shower wall, it’s time to get the party started!


This Christmas, give your booze-loving relatives and friends the gift of laughter with this shower margarita machine gag gift box!

prank gift box steps


lady holding a shower margarita machine prank gift box

Just add a packet of insta-margarita mix into the tank and fill it with water. Afterward, set your beverage preference using the device’s control panel which comes with different buttons for a variety of functions. These include Auto Mix, Chill, and Slush. You can also choose one among three drink flow speeds—Slurp, Gulp, and Slam. After setting your preference, just push the giant “Drink” button to enjoy your free-flowing drink!

“4 out of 5 drunk doctors agree that drinking margaritas in the shower is a proven mood-enhancer and good for overall wellbeing.”

Fair warning, though: the details on the box are pretty convincing that they might even get their hopes high!

lady opening prank gift box


lady holding gift from prank gift box

Setting aside some of the tongue-in-cheek remarks on the box, this machine actually seems like a dream come true for any booze lover. After all, bath times promote moments of self-care and reflection. So, keeping yourself company with refreshing booze is definitely the way to go. And although you can’t give your loved ones the actual product, this gag gift box sure is the next best thing.

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