Relationship Pranks That Will Test The Love Between Couples

Relationships require effort to make it work. But time and again, injecting fun and humor spices things up for a couple. Take it from these 23 relationship pranks to keep the spark and laughter going for a happier and stronger bond.

Sorry not sorry.

Surprising my wife with a diamond necklace. Do you think she’ll like it?

100% Wife-proof.

How my wife and I “share” a bathroom cabinet.

Happy April Fool’s Day Hubby!

My husband’s visa wasn’t approved, so I traveled solo and sent him these photos.

So my wife packed my lunch…

Told my boyfriend (who loves Coke) that I prefer Pepsi. When I came home, I saw this.

I asked my wife if she saw my eye drops and she said “In the bedroom, on the TV stand, under the switch slightly trapped between the walls.” – AMAZING!

I made bacon roses for my lovely wife:

Attached this to my wife’s air freshener. Sprays acid every 30 minutes.

Who does this?!

What World War III looks like.

My sister lost her husband at the toy store. This is where she found him 20 minutes later.

My wife requested a “simple” birthday party. I delivered.

The reason why my wife and I have different toothpaste tubes.

My wife found an old photo of me. She started laughing so hard and got our dog’s flea treatment.

2 years worth of unused stuff placed in our garage. It turned the room into a work of art!

My girlfriend knows what she wants.

My wife delegated me to decorate the guest bathroom. Cool huh?

Girlfriend used my blow darts to kill a spider.

“My boyfriend works as a seller on Amazon. Came home today and found this.”

Was asked to cook fish for dinner by my girlfriend…