Funny Photos of People Who Were Doomed with Rotten Luck

When it rains, it pours. For these unfortunate people, rotten luck just keeps on plaguing them. But how do we really get rid of bad luck and negative energy? Some people believe that luck is only a state of mind. A good mindset attracts positive energy while a negative mindset attracts bad luck. However, a lot of people still feel that the universe is out to get them despite being positive. If it is a curse or just a sheer bad luck, no one really knows. But one thing is for sure, a happy spirit can drive away any negativity including bad luck. Instead of moping, it’s better to just laugh it off. We have gathered some funny photos of people who were doomed with rotten luck and we can’t help but laugh at their misfortunes.



When a bath soap looks too succulent and real that a certain someone couldn’t resist to take a bite. So does how it taste?

Reddit | ChristianComa

Thank you for reminding me how disturbing my face can be.

Instagram | will_ent

When you’re trying so hard to build your self-esteem and this reminder suddenly hits you hard.

Instagram | sadfolks

Why do people go to history museums? Easy! People want to check how old these artifacts are. It goes without saying that labels indicating the age of each artifact is important.

Twitter | sophie_gadd

Adventure and bad luck are the deadliest combination to ever exist.

people doomed with rotten luck

You’ll need a sharp vision to see through the darkness and that blockage of a paper doesn’t help either.

Reddit | yofomojojo

You are likely to receive freebies when you shop online. This one comes with a free kid.


Bad luck you can’t help but laugh at



I wonder what this kid has been up to lately but things are not looking good for her.

Instagram | kalesalad

When you’ve had a rough day and try to find solace from your online friends. Just to get more annoyed with their comments.

Instagram | tampons

She has the most interesting friends but I’m getting a little bit worried with her choice of company.

Reddit | simpletonsavant

We don’t need a machine to question our very existence.

Tumblr | urbenoutfitter

These cute displays deserve to be placed where anyone can see it. Ooppss… wrong place!

Instagram | kalesalad

No place to go and nowhere to belong, it surely is sad.

Instagram | sadfolks

Who let the bat out of his cave?

Instagram | will_ent

This one particular piece of Pop-Tart just flatly gave up on life. Fail.