The New Twinkies Ghostbusters Cakes Have A Blue Fruit-Flavored Filling

We all know and love Hostess for serving some of the most iconic snacks of our childhood. And Ghostbusters is another thing that we all know and love from that special time in our lives. So we can only imagine how psyched all the 80s kids were when Hostess launched limited-edition Twinkies in honor of the new Ghostbusters movie in 2016. Well, in case you haven’t heard, the latest installment to the film series is slated to premiere in June 2021. And we can expect another tasty Twinkies treat along with it!

Instagram snack account @i_need_snacks was the first to break the tasty news. The account doesn’t normally post about snacks they don’t have on-hand, but the upcoming Ghostbuster Muncher Madness Twinkies was an exception. Clearly, someone’s a fan! Several sources are speculating that the promotional Twinkies are inspired by Munch, a blobby blue ghost we’ll all meet in the movie. Sources are also guessing that the name of the product itself is also a spoof on March Madness, as it would have premiered on March 5th if not for delays.



There’s a new Twinkies Ghostbusters snack cake coming our way

The new Ghostbusters treats will consist of the snack cake’s iconic golden sponge cake. But instead of filling these treats with the classic vanilla filling, Hostess has decided to use bright blue, fruit-flavored filling instead. This development follows after the ghoulish green, key lime-flavored filling that the Key Lime Slime Twinkies had in 2016. In its description, Hostess wrote:

“Hostess Ghostbuster Twinkies need no introduction. Live Your Mostess with one sweet bite at a time of creamy, cakey, golden goodness. These treats aren’t just for dessert. They’re perfect for picking up on your way out the door, or grabbing one to enjoy a quiet moment.”


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Obviously, the new limited-edition Twinkies will also make the perfect snack to watch the new movie with. Each box of the limited-edition hunger busters will contain 10 individually packed Twinkies. That should be enough to get you through the excitement of watching a new Ghostbusters film!

In addition to this, Hostess will also be holding a “Ghostify Yourself” contest where the winner will win a VIP Hollywood Tour. The treats will definitely be hitting shelves on or before the movie hits cinemas. So until then, why not plan your ghostly transformation to win that tour while keeping a vigilant eye out for the new Ghostbusters-inspired Twinkies?