Sail Across The Backyard And Rule The Vast Open Lawn With This 11ft Inflatable Pirate Ship Pool

Ahoy, mates! Here’s quite a pirate-friendly offer for you to enjoy during the summer. Yes, it’s an inflatable pirate ship coming from the company Sun Pleasure. If you want a one-of-a-kind summer experience for your kids, then you should have this Novelty Pool Sprayer shipped to your home ASAP!

Sun Pleasure is the very same company that created the 20-foot inflatable speedboat. So, you can expect quite the same level of quality and fun mixed into the Novelty Pool Sprayer Inflatable Pirate Ship. It has a pool area that’s 5.6 feet long, and it can hold a maximum of 132 gallons. Moreover, it can hold up to three people.

Now you may ask. What about the flagpole? Well, its role is a sprinkler, while the cannon is a sprayer. You can simply attach a hose to this inflatable device. By doing so, you’ll have an easy and endless supply of water to keep up with your kind of summer fun!

sun pleasure novelty pool sprayer inflatable pirate ship
Sun Pleasure

The Sun Pleasure Novelty Pool Sprayer Inflatable Pirate Ship is a great addition to your summer adventure devices. It’s described as follows.

“Kids and adults will enjoy the fun in the sun in this unique giant portable pool with a built-in functioning water cannon and a cooling crow’s nest sprayer.”

inflatable pirate ship

pirate ship water cannon

water cannon


inflatable pirate water cannon


pirate ship pool toy

Would you like to get this inflatable pirate ship? You can grab yourself one here. As a whole, the boat is under 11 feet. Knowing that fact, you got to be sure that you have enough space for it in your backyard. Just take note, though, that the Novelty Pool Sprayer does not include an air pump with it.

Thus far, we’ve read six people’s reviews of the polyvinyl chloride inflatable. The average rating of this Novelty Pool Sprayer is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here is a sample review.

“Excellent product, even for older children. Plenty of room for our 9- and 10-year-olds to keep cool on a hot day.”

The Sun Pleasure Inflatable Pirate Ship would be great for 6-year-olds and up. Of course, adults can have just as much or even more fun as the little kids.

Meanwhile, if you’re not so much a fan of pirates, there’s also a fire boat inflatable priced the same as the pirate boat. For us who are fond of both, how are we going to make our choice?

inflatable fire boat