Hilarious Moments When People Met Celebrity Lookalikes

Meeting a celebrity is probably very exciting for anyone, unless they turn out to be celebrity lookalikes! Then it’s just hilarious, especially if those people truly believe that that person is the real deal. It’s not everyday you get to encounter a celebrity, but people get too excited that even those who are complete strangers are often mistaken for one. Just imagine the kind of laughter some of these times may have ensued.

Here we have some of the most hilarious moments when people met celebrity lookalikes, and each one was simply iconic.


When everyone thought this was Robert Downey Jr.

hilarious moments


And that moment when someone pretended to be to Tom Cruise in Northern Thailand.

And nope, it’s not Morgan Freeman.

This guy with a Hugh Laurie lookalike.


The moment you thought Mark Wahlberg was Matt Damon. Hey, who cares, he’s a REAL celebrity!

When Peter Dinklage bought them drinks.

This homeless man convinced this guy he was George RR Martin.

Not Drake.

Famous peoples doppelgangers

When this guy thought he met Jake Gyllenhaal.

Also this guy who thought he met his GOT idol.

When everyone thinks you’re Andy Samberg.

Some celebrity lookalikes are so close! This girl meeting ‘Ed Sheeran’.

When it’s hard to tell whether that’s actually Morgan Freeman or another celebrity lookalike…

And this is not Dwight Howard.

This iconic moment when he met Will Smith but thought it was Tyler The Creator.

That person looks awfully like Bono.

Definitely not Johnny Depp.

Will Smith at the World Cup? Um… no.

When you thought you were chatting with Rod Stewart in the flesh.

Chris Pratt’s twin?

This guy’s friend spent an hour to convince him that they did not meet Johnny Depp.

Peter Dinklage looks annoyed. You gotta laugh, though.

Not Ken Jeong.

When you thought you met Oprah.

Bill Murray in the flesh?

When you thought you actually bumped into Rihanna.

He ain’t that bro!

Alright, alright, alright…that’s not Matthew McConaughey.

It’s not Common.

When this guy who was not Ryan Gosling made the news.

This Daniel Craig’s lips aren’t perched out enough.

When these girls thought this was Macklemore.

There is some definite resemblance, but nope.


When this girl looked happy thinking she met Zach Galifianakis.

Oh, it’s Drake…or not.

It must have been a pretty awesome feeling for a while.

Too bad this isn’t him. Just another regular person who looks like the real thing.

Oh okay.

Must be because of the hair.

Hate to break it to you, buddy.

When she thought she met Lenny Kravitz at Coachella.