This Cat Window Lets Your Indoor Cats Relax In The Sunshine

Cats are naturally curious creatures. So, it’s important to give them a safe space where they can freely and comfortably observe their surroundings. Well, this cat solarium offers just that and so much more as it serves as a cozy catio for your feline baby.

Basically, it’s an enclosed porch that goes right into the window of your house, giving your furry friend a stunning panoramic view of the outside world. Featuring a maple wood structure that’s painted with marine-grade paint, it’s durable and weather-resistant at the same time. It comes with a scratch-resistant plexiglass overhead roof, allowing your pet to bask in the sun even without going outdoors.

cat solarium conservatory package


window perch for feline pet


This cat solarium is the ultimate indoor catio for your feline baby

window perch catio
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window box for feline pet

This window-mounted catio also comes equipped with a back panel complete with a standard-size cat door. Aside from offering your cat constant access to the view outside, it also keeps dust and other outdoor elements from getting into your home.

cat solarium penthouse package


indoor window catio

In addition to the cat door, the set also features a perch to provide your pet with quick and easy access to the sunroom. Other accessories include a mesh screen attachment and a weather enclosure to keep insects and rainwater out of the sunroom.

cat solarium window box
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window lounger for feline pet

On top of that, the set includes a custom pillow, so your fur baby can lounge in maximum comfort. With a weight capacity of 50 pounds, this window catio can comfortably accommodate up to two average-size kitties.

cat solarium veranda package


cat solarium sun room package

Installation is a breeze too, as it fits into most common windows of houses, apartments, and other establishments. The set also includes an Allen wrench for your convenience. According to the company, it should take you only about 20 minutes to finish assembling your solarium.

cat solarium


cat solarium weather package

To ensure optimal fit, keep in mind that your window opening must be at least 24.5″ wide and 14.5″ high. In case there’s a gap, be sure to secure it with wood or plexiglass with weather stripping or caulk.

window perch catio with bed


window perch for pets

One satisfied buyer wrote:

“The seller was very helpful and always available to answer any questions I had about my order. My cats LOVE the conservatory. Thank you for a pleasant transaction.”

Source: Etsy