35 Of The Funniest Animal Memes To Help Make Your Week Seem A Little Better

Need something to cheer you up or perhaps lift your weary spirits? We present to you our best selection of the happiest animal memes showing the wholesomeness, innocence, and cuteness of our beloved animals. And we’re not just referring to cats and dogs only. Cows, squirrels, otters, birds, bears, rats, frogs, even capybaras and pangolins, also have their own distinctive charms.

Just like humans, animals can also feel emotions of joy, love, grief, anger, jealousy, and more. But one thing is for certain, you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry. Let us warn you that animals can be jerk sometimes. But when they switch on their affectionate side, they can become irresistibly charming. Most of the times, animals are happy when they’re being loved and appreciated. Some animals are so good in expressing themselves through facial expressions and gestures. And when they smile, it seems like they give off a contagious feeling of bliss that miraculously lifts us to high spirits. Let these examples of the happiest animal memes prove to you that happy animals are indeed the most effective stress relievers.

Wholesome memes showing happy animals for your daily dose of cuteness overload




We definitely can’t survive a day without animals. They’re not just ideal companions but they also give us unconditional love that no humans can provide. And always remember, a happy pet means a happy life. Here are some of the happiest animal memes that will surely put a smile to your face. These adorable, sweet animals will undoubtedly melt your hearts and make your day. Let our list of the happiest animal memes wipe your worries away and bring you a positive outlook in life. If these animals can smile like they do, why can’t we too?



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