Clever Street Artist Michael Pederson Turns Ordinary Areas Into “Over-The-Top” Scenes

Public art separates itself from traditional art forms because these independent installations provide a complete unified experience rather than a display of artworks. Murals, graffiti, and building-mounted sculptures can be found in almost every city. But Australian artist Michael Pederson has his own version of clever street art by turning a dull urban setting into a quirky, gently absurd world.

Instead of murals or sculptures, Pederson installs funny signage around the city that humorously interact with the surrounding. His clever street art mimics warnings and placards that look too familiar yet placed on an entirely different setting. The all-too-familiar captcha image found on a random spot, a grassy runway turned into a pigeon terminal, and a drainage tube turned into a portal to the void. It’s amazing how a tiny, witty signage can transform an ordinary spot into something more magical.


Clever Street Art Using Familiar Signages In Random Places


“Humor is a great way of engaging people, even if there is something a little sad underneath some of the pieces. Hopefully, people will find something there to think about as well.”, the street artist says.

For four years, Pederson has liven up the city of Sydney with his clever street art. Although he primarily works in Sydney, he had also made unexpected projects in other cities around the world. Follow the artist on Instagram to get updated with his latest amusing interventions that are sure to put a smile on your face.




















Source: Instagram