Nerve-Racking Confessions of Solo Parents Who Introduced Their Kids To Their Partners

As we may have already known, parenthood is definitely not an easy task; but how much more if you’re a solo parent? Of course, most people would perhaps agree that once you already get to have your own child, priorities really do change, and it could even get harder as a solo parent. However, we can never do away with the fact that as an individual, despite being a parent, you also have your own needs that you should also consider. And with your personal needs, along with your child’s welfare, things could really get complicated. With that, here are some single parents’ tell all revelation as to how they introduced their child to their partners for the first time…

#1 In your case, it seems that things really need to be planned out. We sure hope it went well…

#2 Well, it looks like things are looking good so far. Best wishes to all of you.

#3 Aaaw, this is one moment you will remember for the rest of your lives. So sweet that they’re bonding so well.

#4 You’re child is just an angel. Isn’t that just an adorable kid you have? At such a young age, she already knew that you are genuinely happy.


#5 Being on the same age, perhaps they got along well with each other? Imagine, they’re the best of friends already considering it was their first time to meet each other.

#6 It was a good move for you to go on a couple of dates first before introducing to your children to each other. See, it wasn’t bad after all.

#7 Well, you probably didn’t see that one coming.

#8 It was such a heavy burden that was seemingly taken off your chest. They’ll be fine.

#9 I can just imagine how anxious could it be. But consider it as something you’ll only do once.

#10 Oh, I see. Now things are starting to make sense.

#11 Maybe it was just a case of wrong timing. I know if it was more carefully done, things could’ve been different.

#12 Aww, this is so heartbreaking. Some things really do take time.


#13 And you couldn’t be more happy to know that they loved her as well. So much happiness on this one.


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