This Screen Holder Shower Curtain Lets You Watch Your Favorite Show While Showering

Do you feel anxious when you have to give up your phone for just a few minutes? If yes then you are addicted to your phone. And you’ll be happy to know that you can now take and use your phones with you even in the shower by using this screen holder shower curtain. This thick liner has 17 pockets on the outside to hold and keep your devices safe and available for use while you’re inside the shower. So, you can still get full access to your phones and other devices while you’re lathering and rinsing.

Sure, there are several pocketed shower liners on the market for this purpose. But many of these options are made of cheap materials that may protect your gadgets from splashes but are not capable of fending off steam. This waterproof shower curtain is made with extra thick EVA, a sturdy material known for its good clarity and gloss. Furthermore, this material is stress-crack resistant, has low temperature toughness and is resistance to moisture and steam. This reliable liner ensures that your electronic devices are safe while you have full control from inside the shower.


Screen Holder Shower Curtain

screen holder shower curtain

This shower curtain has 17 pockets in different sizes to hold a wide range of phone and tablet models. It has 3 vertical tablet pockets, 6 horizontal phone pockets, 4 horizontal tablet pockets and 4 vertical phone pockets. The pockets are different height levels so both adults and kids can view their devices at eye level. Simply slip your device into the pocket with the screen facing the shower room. And enjoy your shower time while you’re making phone calls, watching YouTube videos, playing games, reading news or viewing the baby monitor through your phone.

screenholder multi-pocketed liner


screenholder eva liner


screen holder shower curtain clear

Since this shower curtain is made with thick material, it does not require magnetic weights at the bottom. The weight of the thick liner is enough to keep it from closing in on you as you shower. And since this is a see-through liner, you may want to use it in combination with a decorative shower curtain. This transparent liner measures 72 inches x 72 inches and is an absolute must-have for those who can’t endure a single second without their phones. One happy buyer wrote:

“My husband made fun of me when I purchased this shower curtain saying ‘why would you need to watch tv in the shower?’ Unlike him, my showers are a bit longer and listening to music gets old after a while. It fits my iPhone and iPad perfectly. I’m really happy with the purchase.”

screen holder shower curtain tablet pocket


screen holder shower curtain phone pocket

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