This Cheese Printer Will Make Your Meals ‘Memorable’, That’s For Sure

Say ‘cheese’ and smile for the camera. In just a few seconds, you’ll be digging into a yummy grilled cheese sandwich with your self-portrait melting along with the cheese. This cheese printer is developed to make the ‘cheesiest’ photos, and we meant that literally. Now, memorable meals are just a click away because this awesome device allows you to transfer and print photos from your phone.

How does the magic work? This amazing printer uses Bluetooth technology to copy images from your phones. Just open an image on your phone then place the phone on the cradle located at the top of the device. Place your favorite slices of cheese on the feed. You can stack as many as 24 slices at once. Then wait as the device prints the photo on each of the slices. Voila! You can watch your face appear on your cheese before eating it.


Cheese Printer

cheese printer

We know you’re already itching to get to the comment section to tell us how ridiculous this product is. And you’re not wrong. This is truly a ridiculous product that actually doesn’t exist. So, if you’ve initially taken this seriously then we’re sorry to tell you that you’ve been pranked. The printer and everything about it is a gag gift idea specifically designed to prank the receiver. It’s basically just an empty box with legit-looking packaging to deceive your target.

cheese printer gag gift box


cheese printer prank gift box

The graphic design on the prank gift box is so well made that anyone would be convinced that it’s actually a thing. So, you can just imagine their priceless reaction when they see the box. Just slip your real present inside the prank gift box and watch the receiver’s reaction. They’ll surely be baffled by the absurd item at first. Then watch them burst into laughter when they open the box and realize it’s all a prank. But in all honesty, eating a slice of cheese with your melting face on it doesn’t actually seem like a bad idea, right?

cheese printer fake details


“This was an awesome prank! I bought this to hold an anniversary present, and I thought I was about to lose my woman because of it! She was not happy about the cheese printer lol! Totally worth the laughs though!”, one happy customer wrote.

ridiculous product fake gift


ridiculous product fake gift box

Get yours here.

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