These Cute Cat Phone Holders Lend Their Paws To Hold Your Phone Up

Let these adorable cat phone holders do the task of holding your gadgets for you. Nowadays, people are so addicted to their phones that they always bring it with them anywhere they go. In this digital age, people indeed can’t live without their phones as if the device has become a vital part of their body. Now this is where phone stands really come in handy. This mobile accessory makes it easier for you to use your phone while leaving your hands free to do other stuff. It makes it possible for you to watch YouTube videos while you’re taking down notes, it allows you to play your Spotify playlist while keeping your hands on the wheel and it lets you follow a recipe videos while you work in the kitchen.

There are countless phone stands in various types and designs that you can find on the market. But if you’re into the cute stuff and really (really) love kitties then these phone holders are for you. These cute phone stands are stick-on types that use suction to hold your device. The set includes 6 charming cat sculptures happily holding a suction cup. Simply stick one or two of these on the back of your device and watch funny cat videos hands-free.


Cat Phone Holders

suction cat phone holders

These phone holders are made of durable resin and can support both horizontal and vertical viewing. Each piece measures 3.14 inches tall, 1.57 inches wide and 1.37 inches deep. Furthermore, the 6-piece set features an assortment of cat designs in varying colors. The suction cups work with or without the phone case on. One of the good things about these stick-on types is that they are easy to carry around and easy to use. And if you use all six of them to hold your gadget, they become the most adorable things that you could ever see.

cat phone holders


stick-on phone stand kitty


stick-on phone stand resin


“Gave the product to my mom as a gift. She appears to love it and uses it to hold her phone up wherever she goes!”, a happy buyer wrote.

suction cat-designed phone stands


cat phone holders suction cups


resin sculpture suction phone stand


cute cat phone holders

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