This Toilet Seat Warmer Is A Life Saver During Those Winter Months

Porcelain toilet seats can get extremely cold in the winter. And while ice-cold toilet seats are not life-threatening, sitting on it can be a drag and can literally suck the fun out of life. During the colder months, a toilet seat warmer becomes a necessity. So, no one endures the shockingly frosty sensation as their bum hits the seat.

Heated toilet seats aren’t something new and you’d find plenty of options on the market today. But most of these would require you to remove your existing toilet seat cover and replace them with these heated versions. And installation can lead to frustration if the product you bought doesn’t match with your toilet bowl. This warmer doesn’t require you to replace your existing seat. All you have to do is attach it to the underside of the toilet seat lid, plug it into the bathroom outlet and press the power button to switch on. Then close the lid to allow the heating pad to transfer heat to the porcelain seat.


This Toilet Seat Warmer Attaches To The Underside Of The Toilet Lid

toilet seat warmer

This warmer has a special heating pad with 3 warmth settings: low, medium and high. You can set your preferred temperature by adjusting the lever on the controller. The heating pad is securely encased in waterproof vinyl, a material known for its heat-retaining and heat-transfer properties. Make sure to close the lid to give a comfortably warm seat for the next user.

toastie tush heating pad


toastie tush heating pad controller


toastie tush heating pad gfci plug

This compact warmer measures 13.75 inches x 13 inches and weighs less than a pound. So, you can simply take it with you on trips. To clean, just wipe the vinyl cover with water. The unit comes with its own GFCI plug and 8-feet cord. One happy buyer wrote:

“I thought this was the lamest gift ever when I opened it [on] Christmas day. My husband installed it, and OMG!!! It is wonderful. No more cold seats for me. I love this, especially in the winter. Might be the greatest gift ever.”

toilet seat warmer vinyl


toilet seat warmer lid underside attachment


toilet seat warmer with control

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