11 Spooky Images Caught On Baby Monitors That Will Give You The Creeps

Any parent will tell you the importance of having a baby monitor. Being able to check up on your little ones when you can’t physically be right next to them is something that can offer peace of mind, and in certain situations, save lives. In the past, most people had monitors that simply detected sound, but now, many people have upgraded to ones that allow a whole list of advanced features including breathing detectors, music functions, and arguably most importantly, video streaming. However, the night vision filter can make usually normal things look super freaky, and sometimes, you spot something that leaves you utterly freaked out. Take a look!

‘I can see you’

Those are some demonic looking eyes!

What is this precious one staring at?

Can you spot the freaky face in this image?

Imagine waking up to this in the middle of the night!

What is that head by the door?

Babies with blacked out eyes tend to not look so innocent!

Make it stop!

There is only one child in this crib…

At first glance this image is difficult to work out, but on closer inspection, you’ll find a cat.

Imagine watching this on video, with an accompanying chilling scream.