These Magnetic Pillow Fort Cushions Make Forts Building A Breeze

Building forts out of pillows is a part of our childhood. Now you can let your kids experience the same enjoyment with these Pillow Fort Cushions. As the name implies, this product concept is inspired by the cultural phenomenon of building a forts with the use of pillows and blankets. This certain company found a way to enhance this experience by introducing the Squishy Forts. Young and grown-ups alike can now build their own cubbyholes and pillow forts in the easiest, most exciting way possible.

So, these cushions come as a construction set with different cushion pieces in various sizes and shapes. The Squishy Forts are specially designed to be assembled together to form a fort or a cubby-house. In making traditional living room forts, you’ll need some extra chairs, some durable ropes and some clothespins to construct the whole thing. But with the Squishy Forts, you won’t have to worry about anything. Just connect the cushions and you’re done.


Pillow Fort Cushions

pillow fort cushions

One of the most amazing things about these fort cushions is that each piece has magnets to enhance the structural integrity of your creations. Inside each cushion are rare-earth (neodymium) magnets that snap together to build a stable fort. No need to use chairs for support or ropes to keep the walls together.

squishy forts


pillow fort cushions pieces


building fort with pillow fort cushions

The Squishy Forts are available in three different sets. Firstly, the Basic set has 6 column pieces and 4 wall pieces. Second is the Advanced set that has 10 column pieces and 5 wall pieces. Lastly, the Ultimate set has 16 column pieces and 9 wall pieces. You can connect the column and square pieces in an unlimited number of configurations. So, the only limit is your imagination and creativity.

squishy forts living room


living room squishy forts


squishy forts cubbyholes


easy fort building squishy forts

When you’re done with your fort, you can put the cushions in an elegant ottoman case. The set comes with a microfiber cover that allows you to zip up all the pieces into a perfect cube. You can then use it as an ottoman chair that you can integrate with your existing couch or sofa. To complement your interior, the microfiber cover comes in different colors to match your furnishings. It is available in Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Bubblegum Pink, Silver, Chocolate Brown and Jet Black.

pillow fort cushions columns square pieces


squishy forts microfiber cover


pillow fort cushions magnetic pieces


squishy forts zippered cover


pillow fort cushions ottoman


squishy forts ottoman


Learn more about the Squishy Forts on the video below

Source: Squishy Forts