The Grip Strip Grips To Most Things And Can Hold All Sorts

Need to access your phones and other gadgets while driving? Let the grip strip securely hold your phone in place and provide hands-free access while you keep your eyes on the road. We always want our phones within arm’s reach all the time. Whether we’re driving or taking a shower, we just can’t live a single minute with our phones out of sight. And while there are shower curtains that can hold and let us use our devices while showering, using this same solution for your car isn’t the most aesthetically appealing.

A phone holder is an obvious option to help you keep your phone in place on your car’s dashboard. But holders are unsteady on their own, unless you affix it in place with adhesive tapes or glues. And adhesives often leave behind ugly stains and unattractive marks on the dashboard. Save your dashboard from unsightly blotches by using this strip to hold your phone on your dashboard. This awesome solution is made from advanced silicone material paired with a revolutionary polymer compound that firmly grips on surface.


Grip Strip

grip strip

This flexible strip latches onto any smooth surface. Press it firmly on your dashboard, wall or window and place your item on it. It will hold just about anything: phones, satnav, sunglasses, keys, pens and even canned beverages. This reliable holder grips your phone in a vertical position for easy and hands-free access and viewing. You can also apply it on a horizontal surface such as desk, table or even ceiling to keep your possessions steady in place. Don’t forget the clean the surface first before you apply the strip to let it stick thoroughly.

silicone gecko like gripper


grip strip blue

The strip is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It doesn’t contain any magnets so you can rest assured that it won’t affect or damage your smart devices. This waterproof strip is also resistant to high temperatures and sunlight. So you can place it anywhere, either in indoor or outdoor locations. To clean, simply wipe it with a damp towel to make sure that your item sticks to the surface completely. The silicone strip measures 6 inches by 3 inches and is available in colors red, black and blue.

silicone polymer surface holder


grip strip black

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Source: Firebox