The Towelkini Doubles-Up As A Beach Towel And A Swimsuit Cover-Up

Summer essentials are the hottest items as of the moment because (obviously) summer is already here. Is your sexy swimsuit ready? Do you have enough booze and wine glasses to bring along with you? Are you ready to hit the beach and lounge on your comfy pool float? And of course, don’t forget to bring lots of beach towels and swimsuit cover ups. But what if you can combine a beach towel and a swimsuit cover-up into one piece of clothing? Is that even possible? New York City-based conceptual designer Aria McManus creates a summer accessory which is both a towel and an outfit. The designer calls her creation the Towelkini which perfectly describes what this garment is all about.

towelkini beach towel outfit

Towelkini is basically a towel with three holes for your neck and legs. It is made of terry cloth that can absorb large amounts of water. You can use it as a regular towel or you can wear it as a swimsuit cover-up. The Towelkini measures 34 inches wide and 70 inches long so one size fits all. It is available in two different colors – hot pink and athletic gold. You can buy this summer essential on Special Special for $199 each.


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towelkini hot pink color


towelkini terry cloth hot pink


towelkini athletic gold color


towelkini terry cloth athletic gold


towelkini beach towel outfit label

Make your summer more breezy and comfy with Towelkini. A convenient clothing that has the moisture-absorbing property of a towel in the form of a swimsuit cover-up.

Source: Special Special